Let’s talk about a branding mood board. Is your business fun, bright, and friendly like a day on the beach? Or is it more upscale and classy like a perfectly worn pearl necklace?How do you bring this to life and reach out to your audience so that they can feel, see, hear your “vibe”? This […]

branding mood board

So I had a client recently ask me which plugin will allow for her to create a form to capture email addresses for her list and then give an automatic download of her freebie. Ya’ll, I have some great news, you dont need a plugin for that. Nevermind how extra plugins can slow down your […]

download from google drive link automatically

This weeks youtube video is all about how to shorten a link, ANY LINK, with your domain. So if you have an ugly, long, and hard to remember affiliate link or landing page link… this one is for you! Watch the video below or keep reading to find out how you can shorten a link! […]

shorten a link

In this weeks video, I am showing you how to make email signature gmail setup. It isn’t as hard as you might think. Watch the video below or read the blog for the details. How to Make Email Signature Gmail Setup Steps: First, open a google new google document In the document create a table […]

how to make email signature gmail

This weeks techie tip is all about how to use gmail for business free and I am showing you how to do it FOR FREE! G Suite is an amazing email client, with all its features, but getting is basically for free, is a cherry on top! Watch the video or read the steps below. […]

gmail for business free + setup tutorial

This is a question many of my clients have, so i thought I would make a quick video tutorial on how to make a business email address for free! Watch the video or read the step by step instructions below. How to Make a Business Email Address for Free- Easy Steps Login to your hosting […]

How to Make a Business Email Address For Free

Learn how to make a Facebook link preview that is beautiful, on brand, and a clickable image on social media. I do this for all my clients, when I design their websites. In my latest video, I’m taking you along as I redo my own image. Watch the video below or keep reading! [/et_pb_text]

facebook link preview how to make beautiful link previews for your website

In this post I am breaking down how to write seo friendly blog posts to drive traffic to your website. Watch the video below for a look at how you can do this too! How to write a blog post for SEO Step 1: Find Your Keyword(s) Keyword research is “key” on how to optimize […]

how to write a blog post for seo

I am so excited to share something I learned a couple of weeks ago in ClickUp, and to be frank, it has been a game changer! This clickup form tutorial is going to knock your socks off! This does require their paid version and to custom brand it, you have to have the business version. […]

Clickup form tutorial

So in this weeks video I talk all about how to increase traffic to your website. A daunting task, right?! Well I’m dishing all my best tips on strategy and its really not as complicated as you might think.  These are the strategies that I recommend for all my clients.  Watch the video below or keep […]

how to increase traffic on your website low views on your site lets change that autumn looking confused at a increasing graph




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