What Makes a Good Logo

I am so excited to share with you what makes a good logo. It is something I get asked all the time. First, let me start off by saying, if you have made any of these mistakes you are not alone and it’s not too late to fix it. I cannot tell you how many clients I have worked with that have made these mistakes. Rebranding is easier than you might think. Watch the video below or keep reading to find out what makes a good logo.

What makes a good logo: Simplicity

What really makes a good logo? Simplicity. I know, I know… when you think about the logo design you may be envisioning all the elements and drawings, but think for a second about the biggest logo brands you know of. Nike, McDonalds, FedEx, Google…. what do they all have in common? Simplicity. You don’t need something complex, you need something that is easily remembered and unique, but SIMPLE.

What makes a good logo: Readable

Ok, I feel like this is obvious, but it doesn’t seem to be! Your logo needs to be easily readable. The fonts you use, matters. Oh, it matters so much. I know that it is in style to use some of these calligraphy fonts (I do, myself), but it needs to be readable. If you have to ask, can people read this easily? Chances are, it’s not a good font to use.

What makes a good logo: Unique

Your logo needs to be unique and should stand out against your competition. You certainly don’t want a template. You want your logo to appeal to your ideal client and portray your tone. In my previous post series, we talked about mood boards. I also have a free mood board course where you will define your tone and ideal client. Keeping these in mind when you do your logo will ensure that it is unique and appealing.

What makes a good logo: Scalability

I cannot say this enough, your logo should be done in a program like Adobe Illustrator so that your logo is a vector image (Canva, Photoshop, and PicMonkey, to name a few, are not where logos should be created!). What is a vector image? It is an image that will not be pixelated, no matter how large or small (billboards, websites, business cards, email signatures, apparel). Your logo also needs to have a black, white, and color version. It should also have vertical and horizontal alternatives. This will allow it to be used in numerous graphics and programs. This is why it is important to use a professional designer when possible. To learn about how you can get full branding in a day, check out my design in a day service!

I hope that this helped you on your branding path. As always, if you have any questions leave them below!



what makes a good logo




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